• Bull’s Eye Chip – caused by impact from stones or other objects which removes a piece of glass from the windscreen.
  • Edge Crack – a crack in the windscreen which starts ± 5 cm’s from the edge, or extends to the edge of the glass.
  • Floater Crack – like an edge crack, but this is usually located towards the middle of the windscreen.
  • Combination Break – chips in the windscreen which extend into cracks.
  • Stress Crack – not necessarily caused by impact; usually a result of variations in temperature (extreme hot, extreme cold).
Our Mobile Units come to you at the convenience of your home or office!
Only authorised Novus Agents carry our invoice books which are the guarantee for any windscreen repairs done to your vehicle, for as long as you own it
NOVUS uses only the finest NOVUS products straight from the USA
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NOVUS® invented windscreen repair more than 45 years ago. Known throughout the world as the “repair first, replace when necessary” company, they remain the market leaders in technology, equipment and repair techniques. Their resin has won more International Windscreen Repair Standards Testing in USA, Europe and Australia. More than any other windscreen repair company, worldwide.

NOVUS SA has held the distribution and franchising operations in South Africa since early 1980’s and are experts in damage caused to windscreens by various factors presented in our country; among these, extreme weather conditions, and poor road conditions. Our driving population presents challenges in the fact that we experience more accidents and collisions per capita than many other countries. This is where early repair of any damage to windscreens becomes critical in preventing serious injuries should the vehicle suffer an impact.

The windscreen of a vehicle is part of the “Safety Restraint System” (SRS Standards) incorporated by vehicle manufacturers to ensure drivers and passengers remain in the safety of the interior compartment of the vehicle. If the vehicle windscreen is weakened with cracks and chips, chances of the windscreen leaving the vehicle are higher following an impact. This could result in the driver and passengers being thrown out of the vehicle.


With over 2,000 locations in more than 43 countries, NOVUS® remain the international leaders of windscreen repair and have repaired over 40 million windscreens worldwide! 

Ask yourself:


  • Do I want to put myself and my passengers at risk?
  • Can I afford to leave the cracks or chips which may become worse and lead to a windscreen replacement?
  • How does windscreen replacement affect my vehicle’s factory warranty?
  • Can I afford to pay an excess on windscreen replacement?
  • Would I ignore tyre damage? (Damaged windscreens can present as much danger)
  • What other windscreen repair company guarantees the repair for as long as you own your vehicle?

Stop ignoring your windscreen damage and call us – we are national and mobile. If you NOTICE IT, NOVUS IT!

A Word From Our CEO

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NOVUS found in over...

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A market leader in...


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Windscreens Worldwide!


  1. 2 out of every 4 cars has a chipped or cracked windscreen
  2. R300 vs replacing a windscreen which can cost anything between R1,500 – R12,000
  3. Insurers support us
  4. High profit margin
  5. We are a mobile solution
  6. We have repaired more than 40 million windscreens, worldwide
  7. Vehicles can be driven immediately after windscreen repair
  8. Repairs are guaranteed for as long as your client owns the vehicle
  9. Recover your investment cost within 2-3 months
  10. Our resins are imported from US and are of the highest international quality and are really affordable
  11. Affordable finance solutions available