• Edge Crack – a crack in the windscreen which starts ± 5 cm’s from the edge, or extends to the edge of the glass.
  • Bull’s Eye Chip – caused by impact from stones or other objects which removes a piece of glass from the windscreen.
  • Floater Crack – like an edge crack, but this is usually located towards the middle of the windscreen.
  • Stress Crack – not necessarily caused by impact; usually a result of variations in temperature (extreme hot, extreme cold).
  • Combination Break – chips in the windscreen which extend into cracks.


How long will it take to repair my windscreen?

The average repair time is between 20 – 30 minutes.

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How long after I request a call out from an authorised Novus Agent, can I expect to be assisted?

We assist our clients on a 24-hour turnaround.

What guarantee does Novus offer?

We stand by all our repairs for as long as you own your vehicle.

If my windscreen is chipped or cracked, how soon after repair can I drive?

You can drive your vehicle immediately after a windscreen repair.

What is the difference between a chip and a crack?

A chip is a result of an impact from stones and other road debris and a crack is usually a result of a sudden impact to the windscreen. This could be due to vibration, and a crack could develop when a chip collects dirt or moisture. Extreme temperature changes can also cause the windscreen to crack further.

How do I avoid replacing my windscreen?

Windscreen replacement can be costly and chips and cracks should be examined by an authorised NOVUS Agent. Chips repaired early can be filled with NOVUS approved resins to prevent these from becoming hazardous and developing into cracks.  Cracks need assessment to determine whether their location on the windscreen would impact safety. NOVUS can repair cracks up to 30cms in length depending on the location of these on the windscreen. Ignoring chips and cracks can put the safety of all vehicle occupants at risk when the car is in a collision, or overturns, as the windscreen is weaker because of the crack and will not remain fitted to the car.

I often see vehicles driving on our roads with chipped or cracked windscreens. How does this affect safety?

The windscreens of modern cars are manufactured as an important overall safety feature of the vehicle. The windscreen should prevent the roof of the car collapsing if the car overturns. In order for airbags to function correctly, a properly repaired windscreen, provides the airbags the support to deploy and protect the car’s passengers. If the windscreen is pushed out by the airbag, the safety provided by the airbags is reduced.

Will repairing a chip or crack on my windscreen void my factory warranty on my vehicle?

No; this in fact protects your factory seal as NOVUS® resins restore the structural integrity of the windscreen. NOVUS has met more international repair standards than any other company, and have repaired more than 40 million windscreens worldwide.