• Stress Crack – not necessarily caused by impact; usually a result of variations in temperature (extreme hot, extreme cold).
  • Floater Crack – like an edge crack, but this is usually located towards the middle of the windscreen.
  • Edge Crack – a crack in the windscreen which starts ± 5 cm’s from the edge, or extends to the edge of the glass.
  • Combination Break – chips in the windscreen which extend into cracks.
  • Bull’s Eye Chip – caused by impact from stones or other objects which removes a piece of glass from the windscreen.

Novus Agent Personality Profile

This questionnaire serves to broadly determine your motivational spark as to becoming a Novus agent.

Novus Agent Personality Profile

Please take time to read the following information before you begin the questionnaire.

This questionnaire concerns your interests, preferences and feelings on a range of things.
There are no right or wrong answers just choices unique to you.

The time allocated to complete the questionnaire of 118 questions is 60 minutes. The  questions are largely multiple choice and most people complete the questionnaire in 30 – 40 minutes so no need to stress about the time.

Your answered questionnaire and results will remain confidential and discussed only with you in an Interview when and if applicable.

When you click “proceed” from this page you will be required to fill in your basic details, thereafter the questionnaire will begin.

Multiple choice:

With the multiple choice questions we will be using an answering system as follows:

For each question select (click) one of the five options that most accurately represents your response. The 5 choices will be:

Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree, Strongly Agree.

To change your answer simply click on your alternative choice.

Before you start:

When answering the questions, please remember the following;

Do not spend too much time pondering over the answer to each question.

The information given in the question may not be as full as you would wish, but answer as best you can.

Please try to avoid the middle (neutral) answer wherever possible.

Try to be as truthful as you can.

Don’t give an answer just because it seems to be the right thing to say.

Make sure you answer every question, even those which do not seem to apply to you.

Great! Let’s get started:

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