• Combination Break – chips in the windscreen which extend into cracks.
  • Bull’s Eye Chip – caused by impact from stones or other objects which removes a piece of glass from the windscreen.
  • Floater Crack – like an edge crack, but this is usually located towards the middle of the windscreen.
  • Edge Crack – a crack in the windscreen which starts ± 5 cm’s from the edge, or extends to the edge of the glass.
  • Stress Crack – not necessarily caused by impact; usually a result of variations in temperature (extreme hot, extreme cold).
Earn Additional Revenue For Your Existing Business!


  1. 2 out of every 4 cars has a chipped or cracked windscreen
  2. R300 vs replacing a windscreen which can cost anything between R1,500 – R12,000
  3. Insurers support us
  4. High profit margin
  5. We are a mobile solution
  6. We have repaired more than 40 million windscreens, worldwide
  7. Vehicles can be driven immediately after windscreen repair
  8. Repairs are guaranteed for as long as your client owns the vehicle
  9. Recover your investment cost within 2-3 months
  10. Our resins are imported from US and are of the highest international quality and are really affordable
  11. Affordable finance solutions available

All SA businesses are struggling currently, particularly those reliant on the spend from pressured households. Our solution can realise additional income for your business, and drive more clients your way, from the aspects of safety, affordable repair and customer centric value.

NOVUS Windscreen Repair is the perfect way of offering your clients an additional valuable service, at very low cost. If you value your clients’ overall welfare, you cannot overlook any chips or cracks in their windscreens when you are attending to other vehicle safety areas. Windscreen repairs can be done within 30-45 minutes, does not require any special parking bays, etc and your client can drive their vehicle immediately after repair. AND you can save them up to 90% on the cost of a new, replacement windscreen.

Do your own investigation into the credibility of NOVUS repair; we invented windscreen repair in 1972, are considered the best repair resin in the world and our windscreen repairs are guaranteed for as long as the client owns the vehicle. Approach us to discuss the additional income you can earn by signing up with NOVUS SA.

Seeing through a repaired windscreen is believing!

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