• Edge Crack – a crack in the windscreen which starts ± 5 cm’s from the edge, or extends to the edge of the glass.
  • Floater Crack – like an edge crack, but this is usually located towards the middle of the windscreen.
  • Bull’s Eye Chip – caused by impact from stones or other objects which removes a piece of glass from the windscreen.
  • Stress Crack – not necessarily caused by impact; usually a result of variations in temperature (extreme hot, extreme cold).
  • Combination Break – chips in the windscreen which extend into cracks.


Besides dealing with a credible, established business in practice since 1982, we are proud of our association with NOVUS® USA and our S.A. company culture is built on their pillars:


Dealing with well-established, secure brands is essential in today’s volatile economy. You can be reassured knowing you are dealing with highly professional NOVUS Agents backed by windscreen industry experts. We will continue providing affordable, seamless and time-saving repairs to your windscreens. Whether these are privately owned or a fleet of vehicles driven by staff whose safety you are responsible for, the NOVUS repair solution is affordable, time saving and superior in all respects. It makes no sense to allow damage to spread on the windscreen thereby costing you more money, possibly voiding your vehicle warranty, and putting your family and passengers at risk.

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